Saving Bali’s abandoned dogs, one rescue at a time

Meet Ebony and Cari

We’re just two girls and a house full of dogs with a mission to change the lives of animals in Bali everyday in any way we can.

We are dedicated to doing our very best to rescue, sterilize, vaccinate, rehabilitate and rehome animals in Bali.

If you’ve visited Bali, you’ve probably seen why we do this. Every day there are puppies left to fend for themselves, dogs thrown away like trash and animals that need our help. We do whatever we can to be there for them, as well as the local families who share our compassion for the animals.

Our rescue dogs are our family and they rule our world.  The dogs all teamed up and have graciously allowed us to live with them in the Crazy Doggie House so we can provide them the comforts and attention they all so deeply deserve.  And in 2020 the Care Center was created to better assist in the rescued, sick, and recovering animals with vet care and amazing staff.

We are supported 100% from kind people all over the world and you are all together with us on our journey with the dogs.

Here’s what we achieved in 2022…

341 Dogs Adopted

432 Dogs Rescued

1,223 Vaccines Given

977 Spay/ Neuter

Our Latest Rescue

How can someone walk by every few minutes and not reach out to help this poor girl? When did the world become so selfish? This isn’t just local people walking by, but it is also tourists and expats. Her life meant nothing to all who saw her….until we did.

She was found staggering down the street in this terrible condition. Bleeding, scabby, so skinny, and weak. She is only 5-6 months old! She’s with us now safe, comfortable, full belly, and bathed.

Help us save more dogs like her from a life of pain and sadness by clicking the support button. We always need help to buy skin treatment medicine, worming medicine, and medicated shampoo.

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